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We offer a wide range of resources, including detailed articles, exclusive interviews with industry leaders, event listings, informative whitepapers, and engaging infographics. Our community forum is your space for discussions, questions, and connections, a central hub for shared experiences and knowledge.

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Meet Ben Kelly, a cloud whiz based in sunny Florida with over 10 years in the IT game. He’s your go-to guy for Ansible Technology, making automation a breeze for folks like Automation DevOps, Cloud Engineers, System Administrators, and the IT crowd.

Think of Ben as your cloud solution architect, but with a twist of simplicity and a dash of humor. He’s not just about efficiency; he’s your IT buddy, making the world of automation less daunting and more like a tech-friendly adventure. So, if you want someone to navigate the IT rollercoaster with a smile, Ben Kelly’s your guy!

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