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Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA) Certification Exam [20% Off]

Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA) Certification Exam

The Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA) Certification Exam is my gateway to a professional certification tailored for engineers and application developers who share my passion for observability and monitoring. 

If you have earned the best Kubernetes certifications such as KCNA, CKA, or CKAD, or completed specialized Prometheus training or Cloud Engineer Bootcamps, then PCA is the next step. 

I pursued this certification using the CKAD Certification Coupon to solidify my foundational knowledge in constructing and extracting observability data across application stacks. 

The PCA exam promises to equip me with the essential skills to navigate the intricacies of data monitoring, metrics, alerts, and dashboards using the powerful Prometheus system.

Let’s dive into the Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA) Certification Exam 2024.

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Know about Prometheus

Prometheus is a free and open-source technology created to monitor and offer alert capabilities for cloud-native systems like Kubernetes.

Prometheus Overview Chart

It operates by efficiently gathering metrics, specifically time-series data, and associated timestamps. 

This enables users to keep a close eye on the performance and health of their applications and infrastructure. 

Its design allows for seamless integration into dynamic and scalable environments, making Prometheus monitoring Kubernetes particularly well-suited for modern cloud-based systems. 

Users can easily track and analyze key metrics, and identify issues and timely alerts to ensure the smooth functioning of their cloud-native applications.

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What is the Prometheus Certification Associate Exam?

The Prometheus Certification Associate (PCA) Exam is for engineers and developers who want to enhance their basic understanding of the Prometheus monitoring system.

Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA) Course by Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation offers a Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA) Course, focusing on effective monitoring with Prometheus.

The course covers topics like Prometheus architecture, creating rules, querying data, and best open source monitoring tools practices. This is one of the top Linux certificates.

Completing the course makes you adept at using Prometheus for monitoring and fixing issues in application development. Certified experts can quickly identify bottlenecks and correct errors.

You can sign up for the PCA course with a 25% discount using the Linux Foundation coupon code during checkout.

PCA Exam Details:

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Question Type: The PCA exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions (MCQs)
  • Passing score for the Prometheus Certified Associate exam: 75% or higher
  • Validity: 3 years
  • PCA exam course Price: $250 (with 1 free retake)
  • Retakes: One
  • Result: Emailed within 24 hours of passing.

Exam Topics and Weightage:

Instrumentation and Exporters: 16%

  • Exporters
  • Client Libraries
  • Instrumentation
  • Structuring and naming metrics.

Observability Concepts: 18%

  • Metrics
  • Tracing and Spans
  • Push vs Pull
  • Service Discovery
  • Understanding logs and events
  • Basics of SLOs, SLAs, and SLIs

Prometheus Fundamentals: 20%

  • System Architecture
  • Exposition Format
  • Data Model and Labels
  • Configuration and Scraping
  • Understanding Prometheus Limitations

Alerting & Dashboarding: 18%

  • Dashboarding basics
  • Configuring Alerting rules
  • Understand and Use Alertmanager
  • Alerting basics (when, what, and why)

PromQL: 28%

  • Histograms
  • Selecting Data
  • Binary operators
  • Timestamp Metrics
  • Rates and Derivatives
  • Aggregating over time
  • Aggregating over dimensions

You can get more information from the official Linux Foundation documents listed below.

  • PCA FAQs: These are common questions people ask about the PCA exam.
  • PCA Exam Instructions: This includes details about what your computer needs (PSI Secure Browser), where to take the exam, and what ID card you need.

How to Register for the Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA) Certification Exam?

To sign up for the Prometheus Certified Associate exam, just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Click the registration link, and You will be brought to the Linux Foundation page where you can find details about the Prometheus Certified Associate Course.

Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA) Course by Linux Foundation

Step 2: Review all the information, and Click the ‘Enrol Today‘ button.

Prometheus Certified Associate PCA Certification Enrollment

Step 3: Fill out all the necessary information, and create a free account.

Linux Foundation Course Sign Up Page

Step 4: After signing up, you’ll be taken to the checkout page. Enter the promo code WPWRITEZ20 in the provided box.

Linux Foundation Coupon and Checkout Page

Step 5: Click on ‘Enter Payment Information‘, and Go through the checkout process.

Linux Foundation Course Payment Page

Note: Do not forget to check the terms & conditions box before proceeding.

Step 6: Click on ‘Place Your Order.’ Now, your purchase will successfully be completed.

Reasons to Use Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA) Certification Exams

The Linux Foundation Sysadmin Sale introduced the PCA certification because Prometheus is becoming really important in the observability field.

Getting certified means you have to understand Prometheus in a complete way, rather than just learning bits and pieces on your own, and worth it for your PCA career.

There are several reasons to use PCA Certification Exams:

  • They offer Digital Badges.
  • You can get PDF certificates. 
  • The majority of courses span 4 to 6 weeks in duration. 
  • The amazing support team is there for you. 
  • Both knowledgeable and helpful support teams. 
  • Get document and video tutorial formats in the course. 
  • The expiration or validity of the courses is for 1 year.

Conclusion: PCA Certification Exam

Hopefully, this guide on the Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA) Certification Exam has told you all about the deals offered.

It’s an amazing opportunity to enhance your skills and save substantially on training courses, certifications, and bundle programs, with potential savings line New Year sales on all the Linux foundation courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How challenging is the Prometheus Certified Associate Exam?

The Prometheus Certified Associate exam is moderately difficult. But they offer Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), so you are good to go.

How long does the PCA certification stay valid?

The PCA certification is valid for 1 year.

What’s the maximum discount available for the PCA exam coupon?

Using the coupon code lets you enjoy a substantial 20% discount on this certification.

Is obtaining Prometheus certification worth it?

Yes, the course provides valuable insights into observability and system monitoring, leveraging Prometheus, which is a widely used tool in the field. Its seamless integration with other ecosystem tools enhances its efficiency within the Cloud Native Ecosystem.

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